10 natural hair commandments…via DeeCoily (Nappturality founder)

I have been natural since 1993…never a hard road,just a long one. There is sooooo much info out there I decided to try to create a few mini information posts to help a sista out.  I give to u all…Dee Coiley’s 10 hair commandments….


1-WATER!!!!!  Yes H2O is your friend…use her.. love her…hug her with open arms…  Dee suggests using filtered water as to not invite all those pesky little extras your hair simply does not need nor like.

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2-No sulfates…no no no…not in your shampoo..not in your conditioner..no bueno…

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3-Sleep in a satin bonnet/scarf…whatever it takes yo…do yo thang but do it in a satin sumthin sumthin

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4-Protective styles are your friends!!!!  Yes lawd….the elements aint always your homey.  braid it up,wrap it up…rock a dope wig..blah blah blah…at least twice weekly… Your hair will let out a sigh of relief

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5-be eazy with dat colour and only apply to new growth..Come on now u already know this yes?????

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6-Beware of hand in hair disease..  this shyt can be an epidemic..  stop fussing…it aint a good look..leave your hair be..overmanipulation causes breakage

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7-Mind your nutrition! We are what we eat…if you are lacking in essentials your hair will be too..  Handle that shyt..

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8-Heat..beware…do I really need to say this shyt????  Heat ain’t cute.  If u must use do with extreme caution..  Burnt hair ain;t a good look

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9-Butter baby…shea…mango..coconut…its all good…butter it up

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10-Say hell naw to petroleum…ummmmm….would u put gasoline on your body?  Hair?  Mouth?  Stop it…

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Now…I give u the knowledge…what u choose to do with it…well?  That’s your biz…

See ya on the flip side…E

Radio Nappturality is comin ya’ll…

I have been natural nearly 25 years…Long ago it was difficult to link with like-minded individuals…then I found exactly what I was seeking..  A place to park my feet and call home.  I found Nappturality.com!!!!!  I fell in love with the site.  mind you-this was before YouTube..Instagram..Pintintrest..ya’ll newbies are spoiled as hell!!!!  Google had not launched yet…there were forums and chat rooms were not really around yet.  We made that shyt work tho…I found kindred family.  I found answers.  I found love.  I found friends..  Who knew I would become dear friends with our beloved fearless leader,Patricia Gaines AKA Dee Coiley..


napp image


For years this spot has been my staple stomping grounds and I have often toyed with the idea of doing a radio show based on the idea of all napps all the time.  I ran it by Dee during my sabbatical from radio and she LOVED the idea so VOILA!!!!!!!  Radio Nappturality was born..

I am so proud to be entrusted with her baby..her brand.  Next Sunday June 4th I launch the podcast.  I will air the 1st Sunday of each month as I did for 10 years with Epiphany’s House.  For now the broadcast is one hour.  I will extend it as time goes by if I feel the need.  Dee will join us all the way from the land down under next week but not every month.  That’s MY job..  I wanna hear from y’all.  I want to know what you want..what you do not want and why it is important for our community to have this forum…


See ya at the show…Love,Epiphany



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Folks always searchin

Like cookouts and Roy Ayers songs..

But what did u bring? If life is a sort of pot luck

Should  we not be   more concerned with what we brought to the table rather than what others did?

Better still what they did not?

Ya’ll know better..I know ya’ll know better

Oil your scalp,drink your  water and mind your business..

And you can quote me.

And …as Pollyanna as that shyt sounds…

 But by the way..hold up..

Don’t chew or talk with your mouth full

-Especially full of bullshyt


There is a  kind of deepness –

better still a dopeness  within the aforementioned guidelines I just gave yall.

You just may not  see it- because everythang isn’t always  obvious to the casual observer

Open your eyes…

I think I got your attention tho- so while I am at it..

I would like to submit an idea..a thought-maybe worth a halfpenny and some change..

Think about this phrase..


Taking life for granted…”taking..life…”

Just those two words speak tremendous volumes

As no life should ever be taken…

I know it is part of an overused cliche phrase..

but I was pondering one day and I said..”damn”…

When was it forgotten?

When did the world forget that kindness and empathy were tantamount?


There is something quite astonishing about that phrase..

Shots fired with few being phased…blinking maybe once instead of the traditional twice

Didn’t your mama tell u that shyt wasn’t nice?

I would like to say I have faith but that confidence  is slipping

And perhaps it may appear that I am tripping

because I have the black nerve to stand before you and say what I want to say and expect to be heard..without raising my voice mind u…


I realized a long time ago that I am a shot of jack in a world of soda pop.

 I do not  always play nice with others.

At least I do not  cheat..I play fair..

The truth is

Factoid makes for a poor opponent

Epiphany Castro All Rights Reserved 2017




immortalWhere did I fall?

What did i do that was so wrong ?

That u would cut me from your life like a cancer?

Many many days have passed

You crossed my mind a zillion times-wit yo fine azz

and yo azz fine…

I tried..I tried to only think of certain shyt..

But only good shyt

I couldn’t bare to think of bad shyt

But now you are full of shyt

But then-    there was little shyt…of any kind

…you were the one…I mean..you were THE  one

I never told you –

As we were young and dumb and full of cum

That’s what teenagers do-


Fucking and fucking and fucking every chance we got-

However there was something so deep about u

Eyes greener than a Eryka Badu song-

Scraping me up from a pool of insecure vomit

Making me feel beautiful again..

Well -beautiful for the very first time actually

As I had no idea what it felt like for someone to truly cherish me

Until you did..


As I had never felt like that before

And it was a hella long time before I did again once you were gone

But I felt my memories were safe

Treasured even…

Tucked away in my back pocket-

As what we had always was sacred and well..nearly secret

Few knew..but we knew..and we grew to love each other in a most unusual way

I loved u untill today..


Years passed and i always held tight to the memory of u

Only to discover that well…I was and am nothing to you

There is little I can do

And really I have no energy to

But I can swipe a keystroke here and again

And I can recall when you were my dear friend

So ..

There is little to say

But today I shall make you immortal

That’s what you deserve I guess

Nothing more and nothing less

Imma write a poem about you..

But wait…I already did

Maybe like  one thousand times

I may even sing a song about you

But you won’t ever hear

Because you are now dead

And I will bury you beneath the scent of my words..

Even if it kills me..it doesn’t matter now..I am already dead..

-Epiphany Castro 2017 all rights reserved..

My return…

I been away for a while.  I have not been on a stage since last summer.  Why?  Cause I did not care to.  Every artist does not feel like sharing all the time.  My priorities have been largely family and teaching.  I rarely question myself as an artist,however-I do know that not one single damn bit of art will come out of me till I am good and damn ready.  Lack of inspiration? Nah…Motivation?  Perhaps.. Who knows…What I do know is these days I am feeling light as a feather…I rock a new coat made of gossamer…It feels pretty damn good too.

This said,I have had some shyt tucked in my back pocket for some time.I have toyed with what I wanted to do next after not doing very much artistically in some time.  Now as they say,it is “raining expression”.  My new project is  called”7″ and it is  in the works..I am pleased as punch to be working with one of my heroes,Vernon Reid!  I have 2 other Producers I am teamed with including Damien Nova.  This is just one of the things I got cooking..Now,I will take to hosting a new poetry set up in Sacramento,Ca!  Poetry Cake launches may 13th at The Brickhouse Art Complex.  I adore the artistic community up that way and look forward to doing the do there. Stay tuned beautiful creatures…there is more to come..I promise..